A fully featured markdown editor

Live Preview

With Live Preview you can see your changes as you make them! There is no need to export first to check your syntax. This is accompanied with synchronized scrolling.

Github Markdown

Remarkable has Github Flavoured Markdown. This has a simple, easy to learn syntax with features like checklists, highlighting, links, images and more!.

Export to PDF and HTML

Remarkable allows you to export your files to PDF and HTML from within the app! The HTML code is even prettified and PDF's have a TOC.

Custom CSS

You can style your markdown documents however you like! If you dont like the default styles you can use your own!

Syntax Highlighting

The code you write is highlighted in the Live Preview. This makes Remarkable great for writing software documentation or even taking lecture notes!

Completely Customizable

You can set up Remarkable whatever way you like! You can swap views, hide views and more. There is even a night mode.

MathJax Support

With MathJax support you can render beautiful, rich documents with advanced formatting.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts enable maximum productivity! They offer a great way to speed up markdown formatting.

File Icons

Remarkable App For Linux.

Remarkable is a powerful markdown editor available for Linux. It is fully featured and customizable. You can download the Linux version for free (or donate if you wish). Easy installers are available for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE and Arch systems.